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Jonnie Howard Film – JHFilm
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Welcome to JHFilm

About Us

We are a small group with a broad range of media production skills allowing JHFilm to provide a uniquely personal and professional service that nurtures a creative relationship from the start. Our size also gives us the flexibility to be competitively affordable and treat every project with the individuality it deserves. JHFilm is a high quality one-stop video production service.


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What we do

All memorable stories have a structure, so we’ve chaptered how our production process can successfully convey your story throughout the collaborative journey.


This is where the creative dialogue starts and JHFilm welcomes your project brief. Together we brain storm who the video is for, how best to convey your message and which platforms will most effectively present the final film.

This stage is purely conceptual where, regardless of budget, anything is possible and we want to de-mystify the Production process. Whether it is your first video recruitment drive or halfway through a marketing campaign; JHFilm will help build and cement the foundation of your ideas while never losing sight of the core sentiment.


Lights. Camera. And anything else the story needs to be visualised. With professional audio & visual equipment, JHFilm wants to set the bar high by capturing cinematic images at an affordable cost as we believe you cannot put a price on honest storytelling!

Although this is the stage where we commit to camera the ideas previously discussed, JHFilm encourages collaboration and can creativity adapt to any given variable on the day (You never can schedule that eureka moment).


Now we have all the right parts just not in the right order. Editing is where the magic happens and the raw energy of the production is carefully tailored and honed into the final piece. In addition, JHFilm’s editing process offers an extension of the creativity as we can record an original soundtrack and stylised animations; enabling complete tonal and emotional control of the story.

With a state of the art editing suite, recording facilities and an ever-open line of communication, JHFilm are able to efficiently deliver specialist skills until you are completely satisfied with the final package.

Why go Visual

8 bite-sized facts as to how film plays a leading role in the future of your success.


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world - Responsible for about 21 billion video views a month. Over 90% of internet traffic is video based.


85% of people choose to watch a video about a company online than read the rest of the website


Online videos are attractive with universal appeal due to their ease of access and the speed in which they can concisely convey your story. Whether a newcomer or invested individual, a video presents your information in a way that is much more engaging and memorable.

Infinite Ad Space

One of the main benefits of sharing your video online is the overall cost-effectiveness. Creating a short film requires a nominal layout of time, manpower and equipment; relying primarily on the creativity and collaboration of its producers. Uploading the finished content can be completely cost free and continually build an audience in the background.


Buyers are 98% more likely to give their time to a presentation on video, than one delivered in person.


When you use a search engine a video is guaranteed to pop up on the first page of results.


Sharing online video presents the ability to tell your story in a way that will stay with the viewer. While they are unable to actively interact with the product/environment; watching a narrative unfold enables the audience to feel like they have personally experienced it.


Our viewing habits increasingly depend upon an internet-based solution. As the traditional mediums are being replaced, the web video is becoming ever more accessible and necessary, making it a critical tool for marketing and raising your profile. Film is the future so, the question you really need to ask yourself about incorporating video is: Can we afford not to embrace it?

Meet the Team

Time to put names to the faces behind the cameras.


Cambridge, United Kingdom

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